The brains of the operation. 

A totally egotistical prick who's many barbs and witticisms mask the fact that he is terrified of the world in general and human interaction in particular.

His interests include; movies, music, gaming, women, wine and acting superior to others.

On a typical night he can be found lamenting the current state of movies/music/pop culture, before softly sobbing himself to sleep.

Scotty Daniels

Scarecrow on the yellow brick road

A man with such a love for music that he sunk thousands of dollars of taxpayers money into one of the least marketable degrees available. He currently resides on the lowest rung of the hospitality industry.

His interests include; music, movies, music, obscure music, music theory, practicing music, and being awkward around women.

On a typical night, he can be found pouring his considerable talent into a quirky music that nobody will hear, like some tragic parallel universe Trent Reznor.